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The Tell-Tale Signs That You are About to Make a Bad Decision About a Job Choice

Whether it’s a help wanted ad on social media, a post on, a job profile on SitterCity or another nanny, who’s helping a family find a potential nanny; every day we encounter families who are looking to hire the perfect nanny. As we read through the job descriptions, immediately we can independently make a decision as to whether or not we want to get to know the family more. Moreover, if the salary is posted, this also gives the nanny who is looking for a job, an incentive to either pursue that job prospect or not.  As much as a good salary will motivate many to submit their resumes to the hiring family, families themselves must understand that the job duties must be realistic, no matter how attractive the salary maybe.

I think one of the most honest ways that hiring families can ensure that the job responsibilities are realistic, is to simply ask whether they themselves, would be able to execute these job functions well and do it with a high level of efficacy. In other words, are the duties realistic for one individual to perform successfully and meet the standards that the family has set.

When it comes to caring for children, a nanny must ensure that the needs of children must take precedence over any other duties the hiring family is expecting of them. The nanny family must also ensure that the nanny is not put in a compromising position where he/she has to sacrifice the needs of the charge, in order to perform other duties in the home. I believe that it’s safe to say, that families will agree with me when I say that a nanny can’t successfully care for an active toddler, while simultaneously having to iron bed sheets or prepare elaborate dinners for the entire family.  Additionally, a nanny should never accept a job where the responsibilities of the job is making it less likely for them to succeed at the job, or one which puts the well-being and care of a child in jeopardy.


So How Do We Know When We Are About to Make a Bad Decision About a Job?

  1. Ask yourself, “What’s my motivation”:  Are you making the decision based solely on extrinsic motivating, such as deciding on a job simply because of a high salary? If the only reason you accept a job is because the pay is good, then you may be overlooking important considerations such as, how realistic the employers are in their expectations.
  2. Have you considered compatibility?  Are you compatible in critical aspects of child-care with your potentials employers? What are the potential hiring family’s basic child-care principles and are they compatible with yours?  If not, are you able to respect them to avoid conflicts on the job?
  3. Are You in a Financial Bind?  Are you accepting a job because you have fallen on hard times financially and need a steady stream of income? If the answer to this is yes, and you are feeling somewhat vulnerable, this may increase your chance of making a very impromptu decision about a job without thoroughly and realistically considering pivotal aspects of that job.
  4. Are You Giving Value to Your Needs: You must give value to your expectations as an employee, and are you prepared to discuss them with clarity to the potential hiring family? If you fail to pay attention to your needs as an employee, why do you expect that a hiring family would make your needs a priority? People speak about things that are important to them, so you must ensure that you are prepared to tell hiring families about important things such as, how you expect to be treated and respected, as you extend the same to them. It will serve you well to speak with them about issues such as: holiday pay, annual vacation, overtime, leaving work on-time, agreeing to a nanny/family agreement and the like. You must know your own value and ensure that you let others know of it in a way that is assertive, yet humble and non-threatening.
  5. Looking For an Escape Route? Are you looking at this present job offer as an escape from your current job situation? If this is the case, then you may be making a decision out of desperation, or perhaps under stress. You want to ensure that you are taking time to examine the requirements of the job and ensuring that they are realistic, for both you and the family. You don’t want to get into a situation where you are settling for any job, simply to flee an unfavorable current job situation. Don’t let the fact that you may be under duress allow you to put a shroud over the details of the new job. Realize, that once you are settled in the new job and you suddenly realize that you never took time to sufficiently examine the details of the job, you will feel like you have simply, “jumped out of the frying pan into the blazing fire.”

Have you honestly considered that by over-looking these steps, you may have contributed to the failed outcome of your past job? Honest introspection is the key to allowing us to do and be better people and workers. Socrates, the Great Greek Philosopher, spoke so much about the idea of “the examined life.” This simply means: taking time out and accessing life situations, including our work situations, and ask “how could I do better?” Asking these questions does not mean that you are agreeing that you maybe at fault about the failure of any past job, but rather this gives you opportunities to learn. All experiences, good and bad should be like an adept teacher, who’s eager to teach important lessons. However, you must be willing to learn.

I hope that you land the most favorable nanny job and that we all continue to realize what an incredible gift it is for us, to help shape the lives of children, through the care we provide to them. Because the premise for choosing any nanny job, is that through our services, children will experience the best that there is in humanity. We must ensure that we are resolute and informed in making the best job decisions, for all involved. Additionally, taking time out to make an informed decision about the job requirements and the expectations of potential hiring family while also articulating clearly your own expectations as an employee this will increase the chance of having success on the job you accept.



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