About Us


About Us

Nannies need a platform where they can share ideas, discuss trends in caregiving, and find information that could add value to the services they offer. During my years placing nannies and other caregivers, I recognized that too many caregivers are ill-informed about their profession, thus leading to unrewarding job choices.

This platform enables them to meet other dynamic nannies who understand the value of the services they offer to families and ultimately society at large. It is also a podium at which to discuss and sometimes laugh off the negative stereotypes non-practitioners have about the nanny profession and ultimately the nannies themselves, for example, the unfounded idea that perhaps nannies are uneducated immigrants who push expensive strollers in big cities.

We understand and celebrate the truth that the value of the nanny is not simply the job they perform, as that is just one facet of something greater, something unique and special. This knowledge charges me with purpose: to begin great dialogues with the goal to empower, learn, and share knowledge: to help develop great nanny professionals who will provide exceptional care to children-every child deserves that!

Welcome to our community, your circle, my nanny circle!  A community where we value and respect families who are bedrock of the nanny profession! We welcome all families to this community to engage in thought-provoking constructive dialogue.

Alene Mathurin



Be part of a wonderfully dynamic circle....My Nanny Circle...We converse.. We learn... We empower...

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