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Nanny Connect Events is part of an initiative to forge greater alliances within the nanny community that will serve to bridge the gap between nannies of different ethnicities, cultures, and social cliques.

1400x960slides41Our Breakfast Club is the first step of a movement to bring together nannies in one location, where they could celebrate their profession, support nannies who are entrepreneurs, stay abreast of trends in the nanny community, and obtain information about training that will enable them to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. We recognize that many nannies work incredibly long hours and seldom find the time to connect with each other socially.

The call to action of the events is for nannies to recognize, embrace, and be empowered by their meaningful contribution to society as individuals and professionals. The message is that they are the leaven that binds the fabric of a good childcare regimen for the families who depend on them. I hope that this platform will also allow nannies to recognize the everyday struggles that other nannies face while underlining that, to fight these struggles, we must discard demotivation and despair in exchange for personal growth.

The Nanny Connect Breakfast Club is just the beginning and will be hosted throughout the boroughs of New York City before expanding to major nanny hubs throughout the United States. Please join us when we visit your area.

Nanny’s Summer Potluck 2016-Please call 862-202-0765 for more information!

Nanny's Potluck-True Summer 2016 (1)

Nanny’s Holiday Ball- Nanny Masquerade 2016

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Join us for National Nanny Training Day On April 29th, 2017. To reserve your ticket please click on the link below:

Be part of a wonderfully dynamic circle....My Nanny Circle...We converse.. We learn... We empower...

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