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A  family with a beautiful newborn daughter is looking for the right nanny. They require a nanny who’s flexible and is willing to have their work schedule change month to month as their own jobs in the medical field require them to be flexible too.

They are looking for someone who will keep their child safe, one who understand the importance of nurturing the development of a young child, a fast thinker and someone who’s looking for a long-term job. If you are bilingual this is an asset. They have two small dogs and although the nanny will not be involved in the care of the dog, they need someone who’s not allergic to dogs and actually likes animals.

The family is looking for 30 hours a week @$20/hour. Please send your resume to They are excited to meet  with nanny professionals.

Posted by: Michael June 5th, 2017 at 12:54 pm
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