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My caregiver Deborah Fernando has been employed with our family since January 2013. Initially she was hired as a mommy’s helper, assisting me with my toddler. Once our second child was born, she became our full-time nanny. She is very engaging and loving with the children. Each day they create an array of crafts and/or drawings.

Ms. Debbie has an extensive background working with children of all ages throughout New York City, she previously worked for a Montesorri school and applies those techniques with my now toddler and school aged children. She ensures that they are clean, happy and safe.

On several occasions, we were unable to make it home on schedule. Ms. Debbie whipped up a meal for dinner and carried out their bedtime routine without a hitch (which is very impressive if you ever met my children). Another huge plus is that she picks up our six year old and helps him complete his homework daily before we arrive home.

Unfortunately, due to a change in our work schedule, we will not be able to retain Ms. Debbie full-time. She is available to being January 2, 2016. We know that she will be a great asset to any family she joins. To learn more information on our exceptional caregiver please contact us

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Posted by: Cindy Bradshaw December 7th, 2015 at 1:51 pm
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