“Our Nanny Brought A Positive Energy and Uplifting Spirit To our Home” Nanny Family
Family Name : Carol & Steve
Location : New York
Posted On : September 22nd, 2017

Jema joined our family as our nanny approximately two and a half years ago when our son Spencer was only ten weeks old.  We trusted Jema right away, she was so loving towards our baby and took excellent care of him. As Spencer got older, Jema was always teaching him new things.

She taught him the numbers, the alphabet, and taught him to say please and thank you. More importantly, Jema always brought a positive energy and uplifting spirit into our home. She would come in singing songs in the morning and telling jokes.

One day, my husband and I were home early from work and running an errand in the neighborhood. We realized that Jema was walking just a bit in front of us pushing my son in the stroller. She didn’t realize that we were walking behind her. She was walking along, saying “hello” and “good afternoon” to everyone she saw. She had a spring in her step and she was singing. We felt so good to see that our son was surrounded by such happiness and joy.

When my daughter was born eleven months ago, we were nervous about life with two young children. Jema reassured us and made us feel confident that everything would be okay. When I went back to work, Jema began to take care of both of my children. She calls my daughter ‘pumpkin’ and my son ‘boo-boo’ and she loves them and takes care of them as if they are her very own grand babies. We are so lucky to have Jema in our lives.

Carol & Steve

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One thing I have Learned :

We were nervous about life with two young children but Jema reassured us and made us feel confident that everything would be okay.

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